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At Natural K9 Diet

We make healthy dog food your dog will love


Our flagship product covers all the bases. Your dog will thrive from lively puppyhood to distinguished senior!

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Want a little more, paired with great value? This mix will satisfy your furry connoisseur!

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This pink salmon is a great help to older dogs with various health challenges or any dog with allergies. Occasionally mixing in white proteins is always a great idea for a long and healthy life. 

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We also make delicious treats


A chicken lovers delight – can you say BBQ? Click here to find out more


Some lucky dogs just can’t get enough BEEF! Click here to find out more


The smoky salmon smell really gives these treats an appeal to both two and four legged individuals! Really, they don’t smell fishy. Click here to find out more

Why choose raw dog food?

When it comes to feeding your beloved canine friend, you want to make sure that you are giving them the best possible nutrition. One way to do this is to feed them natural, healthy raw dog food packed with nutrients that provides numerous benefits for your furry friend.

  • Raw is naturally digestible
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Reduction in doggy odour
  • Reduction in allergies
  • Immune system support
  • Increased energy
  • Cleans teeth naturally
  • Superior joint and bone health

Our natural, local and raw food is more efficiently digested and closer to a dog’s natural diet with no preservatives, byproducts or fillers.

How does it work?

02. We will contact you soon after to arrange free delivery
03. Feed your dog straight from the freezer

I have been buying food for Tazer for 11 years from Natural K9 Diet. As a lab he has no allergies, his coat is glossy and he is not smelly (he was initially when I fed him commercial food for a few weeks). Karl is the ultimate in professionalism and his product is outstanding.


Customer for 11 years

Thank you for the great delivery service and education about good food. Although she was on a good raw food diet before, her coat, digestion and elimination are so much better. Thank you for caring enough about our beloved 4 legged friends by putting so much effort, knowledge and time into making top quality food so they can live a long and healthy life.


Customer for 7 years

Your dog deserves to be fed healthful, tasty and nutritious food. For the last five years, whenever the NaturalK9Diet truck delivers Charlie’s food, we know we are getting the best. Charlie does too.


Customer for 5 years


Each of our bags contains 72 bricks. A small dog weighing about 10lbs can take up to a month to go through a bag, usually consuming less than 2 bricks per day. A large, active dog might go through a bag in a week, usually consuming up to 14 bricks in a day. The good news is, you’ll need to feed your dog less of our food than conventional dog food.

Drop us a line if you’d like further information on feeding guidelines.

Although dogs will eat just about anything, you will discover that your dog is at it’s best when fed the right food. Our natural, local and raw food is more efficiently digested and closer to a dog’s natural diet with no preservatives, byproducts or fillers.

Satisfaction guaranteed – for you and your dog. When we drop off your first order, we’ll feed your dog and show you how easy it is. We guarantee you dog will love it.

Our food is designed to be fed straight from the freezer. The blocks break up easily and can be served directly to dog. Teething puppies especially enjoy the soothing effects of eating a solid frozen product.

Click here for a video on how it works.

After you make an order, we will be in touch within 1 business day to arrange delivery and you can expect your food to arrive within 5 business days. Please let us know whether morning or evening delivery suits best.

When you order, if you add “no bags please” in the order notes, we’ll deliver your frozen food and put it in the container you leave out for us. No plastic packaging required. For more information, click here.

We are unable to provide refunds or exchanges on fresh food.

Email us at or click here for our form, or let us know when we deliver and we’ll answer any questions you have.

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More about us

How does delivery work?
With a $59 minimum order, we personally deliver anywhere within the City of Vancouver.
How do I feed it to my dog?
It couldn’t be easier! Watch our video to see how it’s done.